Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing

Social Media Lead flow in B2B MarketingWord spreads quickly in Social Media – sometimes more quickly than you can keep up with. You must keep a constant eye on mentions of your brand, your products and your services in order to survive in this market landscape.

In the last post we covered Social Media Listening for B2B Marketing and while providing outstanding customer support is always a good choice when it comes to building a business case that will stand up in the boardroom, another very fertile area to consider is creating a stream of leads from all those conversations out there.

There are several types of conversations that you can encounter out on the social web anything from a complaint to a compliment to what I like to call the Expressed Need. The best way to watch for expressed needs is to look for keywords often used to describe those needs. People make known what they are doing and often ask the general public for advice when they are about to make a purchase. Both of these situations provide an opportunity to reach out with an offer of assistance, information, or even a free demo or sample. People appreciate when a company listens, and they don’t mind offers of assistance, especially when done in a helpful, friendly way.

The Expressed Need can be as simple as this tweet: “[Competitor] or Avaya? Time for a new phone system very soon,” Moments after this tweet was posted we responded with this tweet: “@[prospect] – let me know if we can help you – we have some Strategic Consultants that can help you assess your needs.” I am happy to say that the potential customer did, and 13 days later, we closed a $250,000 sale. (based on his original tweet that’s $4000 a character!).

But the Expressed Need can also be much more subtle such as this tweet: “I’m looking to replace my old PBX – anyone have a strong preference?” This one is harder to find since they didn’t directly mention a particular brand name. You would need to be monitoring for “replace” and “PBX” to pick this one up. But its worth it if that question is so relevant to your brand.

If you think hard enough you can come up with a list of situations where someone might say: Replace Competitor, Upgrade Competitor, Remove Competitor, or New X System which would correlate to a potential conversation where a sale that is relevant to your brand is happening. Then all you have to do is feed this list into your listening platform and you should be able to create a steady stream of Social Media Leads!

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  • Hi! I think there are too many post discussing this issues, but most of them don’t have any examples to make it easier for everyone to understand. This kinds of images are important for people who isn’t used to work with social media tools. Most of them can’t imagine how or where to react. They are told that their brands are being commented online, but they don’t know where or how to search. Having a Twitter account is more than just sending messages, or even talking with your brand followers. There are millions of users out there that might be looking for your opinion, even if they don’t know it!
    I really think examples help a lot, and I’m starting to write some on my next post!

  • @Lucila – thank you for commenting and please send me your next post so I can check it out!

  • Great post Dunay, I like the examples. Great vision painting.

  • @Keenan – Jim great to hear from you and thanks for the comment your opinion means alot to me!

  • I agree…being able to give examples like this is very important. Social media can feel like a moving target and so to be able to describe ways to navigate well is valuable. Thanks for this post Paul!

  • @Angela – great glad this example was helpful – thanks for commenting

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  • […] Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing Word spreads quickly in Social Media – sometimes more quickly… […]

  • […] Social Media Lead flow in B2B Marketing Word spreads quickly in Social Media – sometimes more quickly… […]

  • Paul, I wonder how common is your example where in businesses are really able to leverage social media to generate business. While I don’t deny the fact that social media does have a very big role to play, but at the same time, most of this time I think people forget that there’s still a lot of “old traditional method of meeting and knowing and building a trust” with the lead is still needed. People tend to forget this and think of social media as kind of a “genie” who’d find them leads and business on sort of “auto-pilot”.

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