Social Media speeds Onboarding

I am officially up and running now in my 6th week here at Avaya and loving my new role. And what has been really interesting for me to see was the difference between organizations when it comes to things like social media.

One of the things I was pleasantly surprised to find in the first few days was that Avaya has their own Yammer account within their firewall. So naturally I signed up and started sharing.

Within days I had identified a group of really smart people inside Avaya that are totally switched on and not only sharing but discussing real issues in our Yammer forum with other like-minded individuals. I immediately asked my entire team to join since I wanted us to post some discussion threads and get reaction from sales people on our upcoming programs. And at last week’s VoiceCon conference I got to meet some of these folks face to face and it was like we were already long time friends.

One of my biggest concerns about coming into a new environment and managing a whole new group of people was – how am I going to build a network of trusted peers and sales people who I can tap into? I am happy to report that within a matter of weeks that piece is well on its way. Now we can get down to the business of making an impact for the organization.

So often I read and see discussions of Social Media and Social Networking ROI but hidden in that discussion is the unique ability for new employees to get up to speed quickly and build a network while building credibility in the organization. It would have taken me months to do that the traditional way, but with the power of Social Media and Social Networks it took weeks. What’s the ROI to Avaya on that? To borrow a phrase Social Networks like this are indeed Priceless.

8 comments to Social Media speeds Onboarding

  • Bruce MacVarish

    Welcome to Avaya! I liked your perspective on how social tools helped the on-boarding process. I’ll get some time for us to catch-up and compare notes.

  • Paul Dunay

    Fantastic Bruce – lets get together soon

  • Bernie Borges

    Paul – I’m as guilty as anyone at discussing the marketing value in social media. That’s probably because most of my clients are SMBs who are not large enough to benefit from the onboarding and internal use of social media. But, clearly that is a very positive benefit of social media. I am a fan of Yammer. We use it in our agency for internal communication.

    We don’t talk about this aspect of social media as much as we should. I often say that the technology behind social media provides enablers to get results. Your internal example is a good one!

  • Paul Dunay

    Thanks Bernie – this was one of those posts where I said “man am i going to get a lot of comments on this one” but few came in

    anyway I appreciate you reaching out

  • Jonathan

    Hi Paul-

    Still here at Mercer where we are actively exploring and experimenting with the internal uses of Social Media. Glad to see you landed on your feet! Will I see you in Boston next Mon/Tues?

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Jonathan – no I will be missing this one – enjoy

    let me know if you still want to talk about lead nurturing

  • Karen

    Hi Paul- I have always read your blog with interest, but I am somewhat surprised that you have never touched on the use of virtual worlds. Although they are not exactly "social media", we have used them internally for onboarding, and a wide range of meetings and events — to bring together remote/global team and help create a stronger connection between them. Any thoughts/experience in this area?

  • Paul Dunay

    @ Karen – actually I have blogged a few times about Virtual Events

    In fact I think it is a great play for any organization

    see posts here …

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