B2B Marketing with Web 2.0 tools, a podcast with Tom Pick

I met Tom Pick through my blog when he identified me as an emerging blogger with good content on B2B marketing and decided to link to me. When Robert Lesser and I put out our survey to identify which Web 2.0 tools are most popular with B2B marketers, Tom was one of our first responders.

I asked Tom about his experiences with Web 2.0 and what his clients are asking him for. I wanted to get a sense of how on-target our survey results were compared to his experiences, as well as elicit some best practices in using Web 2.0 tools to share with you. Enjoy …

B2B Marketing with Web 2.0 tools, a podcast with Tom Pick

About Tom

Tom Pick is a marketing and PR executive with more than 15 years’ experience in the technology industry. Previous to his work as a B2B marketing communications, product marketing and Web marketing consultant, Tom was director of corporate communications at reinsurance intermediary Collins Associates. There he was responsible for developing and implementing an integrated marketing strategy that included media relations, Web marketing, sales collateral and event marketing programs. Under his plan, the company increased website traffic by 400% and tripled its press coverage.

Prior to joining Collins, Tom spent nine years with the manufacturing software company SoftBrands (formerly Fourth Shift), managing trade shows, analyst relations, PR and Web marketing. As director of Americas marketing, he led a team that successfully launched two new products while producing a 50% year-over-year increase in qualified leads for a mature product in a consolidating market.

Tom has authored numerous articles on Web marketing and social networking for various publications, and he writes the award-winning WebMarketCentral blog.

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