Sun is holding Virtual Press Conferences

Sun Microsystems broke virtual ground as the first Fortune 500 company to hold a full-scale media event in the online world of Second Life.

Sun Chief Researcher John Gage appeared in this online world in the form of an avatar, to launch the company’s official presence in Second Life, debut its new virtual Sun Pavilion and introduce Project Darkstar – a software program designed to help online game developers with server-side technology.

While about 60 people attended the event, Chris Melissinos, chief gaming officer at Sun, said: “There were no members of the press in an actual audience. It was all done virtually, and that’s pretty cool.” He “attended” the conference from the comfort of his home in northern Virginia, while Gage was in the Sun office in Santa Clara, Calif. Philip Rosedale, CEO of Second Life publisher Linden Labs, joined from San Francisco.

So where is the Buzz? I am unapologetic in my fascination with this medium and I think to be successful in Second Life takes knowing your audience and tailoring products and activities to them specifically then allowing the consumer to make the experience their own.

To read more about this event check out the B2B magazine write-up

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