Ideas for putting RSS to work in your organization

Many organizations continue to suffer from information pain points – information overload, too little information, siloed information, or overflowing email that is worthless to many in the organization. RSS is gaining traction within organizations to help ease the pain, so here are some ideas for using it exclusively inside your firewall:

RSS for Sales
Track leads, opportunities, contracts and new product development releases

RSS for Marketing
Monitor campaign progression, collateral development and contract status

RSS for Customer Service
Disseminate product and procedural updates; monitor customer resolution issues and out-of-service conditions

RSS for Product Development
Subscribe to a new ideas pipeline, product design phases and stage-gate funding committee nominations

Where’s the buzz? Employees can use RSS to save time in getting to the right information when and where they need it. Rather than spamming your employees with this information, give them a place to subscribe and pull it in when they have the burning need.

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