Consolidate and Coordinate your Media

Forrester has observed that advertising/PR agencies are battling each other for dominance in the digital media space. In reality, the agencies that are actively engaged in this battle are not the ones you want to represent you.

Instead, you want truly integrated agencies like the ones Kirk Cheyfitz alludes to in a recent Huffington Post article. Kirk argued that if you keep paid, owned and earned (POE) media in their current silos, you will fail. The solution is to reorganize the agency’s structure from one specialty, like PR or strategy, to doing it all.

This goes against the adage offered by Danny Kaye’s character in the old film “The Court Jester” – that a jack of all trades is the master of none. The reality is that today we lack the bandwidth to feed all of the agencies and consumer touch points available to us.

By consolidating your POE into a single agency or plan within your company, you can more efficiently coordinate your marketing efforts. This will never happen as long as you spend your time just trying to get everyone together in one room.

To learn more about Paid Owned and Earned Media – check out this Webinar with Forrester’s Sean Corcoran

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