Use Social Media to set Smart Media strategies

Let’s make the assumption that you’ve successfully integrated your paid, owned and earned (POE) marketing efforts across the board. You’ve cut off a lot of fat and reduced the amount of money thrown in more directions than you can pay attention to. Now what?

First, recognize that there are too many potential consumer touch-point opportunities offered by owned media channels. It’s inefficient to spend your money, time and resources trying to reach out through all those channels at the same time. Instead, be strategic and smart – use social data analysis to measure campaign effectiveness.

It’s possible to outspend a single competitor if that’s what you really want to do. But it’s impossible to outspend all of your competitors. As the advertising landscape continues to fracture into hyper-segments, both opportunities and dead ends increase. Analysis of social data can provide a different lens through which to evaluate media planning and buying. It provides the competitive advantage because it employs different metrics from those everyone else is using. Those metrics will point you toward new opportunities to prioritize and sequence the way you use and invest in POE media. Get on that track now, and you’ll be way ahead of your competitors — and end up spending the same or less than you did before.

Check out this webinar to learn how to infuse your media plan with social data in order to make smart media decisions!

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