Great Artists Steal! – a podcast with Professor William Duggan

Have you ever had a flash of insight in the shower, when you’re brushing your teeth, or even just before you fall asleep? If you want to know more about this serendipity, then you should learn about “strategic intuition.”

The heart of strategic intuition mostly has to do with your mind combining existing ideas in new ways to solve a problem that you might be facing.

At a recent conference, I caught up with Columbia Business School professor William Duggan to talk about his new book, Strategic Intuition. The book recently received a very favorable review in The Wall Street Journal.

In this podcast, Professor Duggan offers advice to anybody who is trying to improve any process or trying to do anything creative. Check it out …

Great Artists Steal! – a podcast with Professor William Duggan

About Professor Duggan

William Duggan is the author of three recent books on strategic intuition as the key to innovation: Napoleon’s Glance: The Secret of Strategy (2002); The Art of What Works: How Success Really Happens (2003); and Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement (forthcoming, 2007). He also has authored three previous books.

Duggan has 20 years’ experience as a strategy adviser and consultant. He teaches strategic intuition in three venues at Columbia Business School: MBA courses, Executive MBA courses and Executive Education sessions. He also sometimes teaches the core MBA course Strategy Formulation.

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