Pay Per Click: Boom or Bust?

Is pay per click losing momentum? Is growth in the channel waning? In a recent blog post, Steve Rubel wrote “I am calling a top to this market now. There are five reasons why a pay-per-click advertising recession looms!”

To further explore pay per click’s future, we turned to Steve and to Alan Rimm-Kaufman. Alan leads the Rimm-Kaufman Group, a direct marketing services and consulting firm, and he’s a fan of pay per click. Steve, senior vice president in Edelman’s me2revolution practice, has his doubts.

We dove into such questions as:

  • Are people numbing to pay per click ads as they have to banner ads?
  • Is the pay per click channel maturing, and what does that mean?
  • Is pay per click more, or less, trustworthy than public relations?
  • Can combining channels help drive your pay per click results?

Enjoy …

Pay Per Click: Boom or Bust?

Now, kind listeners, it’s your turn. Please let us know whether you’re thumbs up or thumbs down on pay per click by leaving a comment on this blog! Or, toss out another topic you’d like us to explore. And thank you for listening.

About Alan

Alan Rimm-Kaufman leads the Rimm-Kaufman Group, a direct marketing services and consulting firm founded in 2003. He is a regular speaker at industry events, including Jupiter Media’s Search Engine Strategies; the DMA’s Annual, Catalog, Net.Marketing, and NCDM shows; NRF’s; eTail; NEMOA; and DMD NY conferences.

Rimm-Kaufman writes the internet retailing column for Catalog Success. He co-wrote the online marketing chapter of Katie Muldoon’s The Catalog Strategist’s Toolkit. He has been quoted on internet marketing in DM News, Internet Retailer, Catalog Age, Direct, Business Week, and The New York Times. He serves as a contributing reviewer for online marketing for the academic journal Management Science. He has also taught for Marketing Profs.

Also check out Rimm-Kaufman blogs.

About Steve

Steve Rubel is a senior marketing strategist with over 15 years experience. He currently serves as senior vice president in Edelman’s me2revolution practice. Edelman is the largest independent global PR firm.

Steve is charged with helping Edelman identify, test, incubate and champion new forms of communication. He also explores this on his well-read Micro Persuasion weblog and in a bi-weekly column for AdAge Digital.

Steve is often sought out as a speaker and appears frequently in the press. He has been named to several prestigious lists, including: Media Magazine’s Media 100, the AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100 and the CNET Blog 100. Prior to joining Edelman in 2006, Rubel spent five years at CooperKatz & Company.

Also don’t forget to check out Steve Rubel’s Blog.

3 comments to Pay Per Click: Boom or Bust?

  • Mark


    I’m not sure about PPC losing it’s momentum. I read somewhere the industry is actually growing by utilizing video ads and alike. Still, I do believe people are becoming immune or as you suggested numb to PPC ads and certainly, that has an impact. MSA sites I believe are really hurting the industry. We advertise our industrial supply directory via PPC at times and the results have been moderate recently compared to years ago when we generated a ton of traffic.

  • online marketing professional

    As per my experience, pay per click is really worthy for online marketing. I’m generating enough leads through pay per click campaigns for my online business. I want to thanks Google for introducing this amazing opportunity to online marketer.

  • Brittney

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