Making Sense of Emerging Marketing Trends – a Podcast with Sree Sreenivasan

You can’t pick up a magazine these days and not see the words: Web 2.0. Social networks. Social media. Mobile computing. And the list goes on.

But how do you make sense of these emerging trends in marketing??

Well look no further!! Through the help of a good friend I was introduced to Sree Sreenivasan, […]

Top 10 CMO New Years Resolutions

CMO tenures remain depressingly low, marketing effectiveness has been disappointing, and CEOs are all too quick to notice poor results. To help brighten your 2008, I have compiled a list of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for CMOs – things you can do to dramatically help yourself, your brands and your company.

Social Media Strategy: How to Guide

December is always a good time to take a look around and consider what changes you might make in your marketing strategy. This year, I sense some form of a social media strategy is at the top of everyone’s wish list.

So if you are thinking about social media, and you need to do it […]

PR’s role in new media, a podcast with Cece Salomon-Lee

PR professionals have been on the front end of all media relationships for a very long time. But the advent of new media poses some challenges for even the best PR professional.

To get some advice on how PR pros should handle new media, I conducted an interview with Cece Salomon-Lee. She runs her own […]

Social Media as a Political War Room

I participated in a panel discussion at BlogWorldExpo earlier this month on “Integrating New Media into your Marketing Mix” along with Paul Gillin, Maggie Fox, Joe Gerace and Andy Beal.

During our presentation, fellow podcaster and Boston Red Sox fan Albert Maruggi commented on how we were describing social media. His assertion was that our […]

Interview with Stephanie Fierman, on practicing Brand Self Defense

Through a classic Google search on her name, Stephanie Fierman found some unwelcome entries. The experience led Stephanie to wage a one-woman crusade to alert marketers and non marketers about how to practice personal brand defense. You can read her full story here.

I had a chance to interview Stephanie about her experience in practicing […]

New Rules of Marketing and PR a podcast with David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is the publisher of the blog webinknow and a three-time author. His latest book is The New Rules of Marketing and PR, published this year by Wiley.

David’s new book covers a lot of ground for marketers who are new to social media tools like blogs, podcasts, etc. It also has lots […]

The new ROI?

I have attempted in a few of my blog entries to calculate a traditional ROI on social media tools for all of us out there experimenting with them. (see Calculating ROI on Web 2.0 tools and More Thoughts on Calculating the ROI of Blogging)

But I am beginning to think there is a completely new […]

Social Media Success Story podcast with Maggie Fox – Yamaha Motor

I met Maggie Fox through Social Media Today, a collective we belong to. She offered to do a Social Media Success Story podcast with me, so I hope this is one of many such stories to come!

Maggie is working on a phased social media strategy for Yamaha Motor. She just completed a detailed analysis […]

Influential Marketing, a podcast with Rohit Bhargava

One of the blogs that I admire most is the Influential Marketing Blog run by Rohit Bhargava. To truly understand the genius of it, you really need to look at the little things Rohit does. For example, check out his social media bio and how his blog titles are optimized for search engines.

He also […]