Customers don’t care about Channels

Customers don’t care about ChannelsLet’s face it at this point social media has gone mainstream. Customers are not only surfing the web looking for information but more and more they are relying on social media to get their information.

Your customers can seamlessly move from web to social to call center to your front door. But do you treat them the same in each channel? Do the owners of each channel interact with each other? I didn’t think so.

We need to start to think about an Integrated Experience Management (IEM) play so this experience is equally as seamless for on the management side of this equation.

Meantime here are 5 things to think about when it comes to using these channels

1) Customers just want to be heard – no matter where they are interacting with you from the call center to the twittersphere – they just want to be heard and have you acknowledge them. The same tone and transparency should be applied here equally which is not always the case with the contact center.

2) Customers will tell you where you need to focus your attention – if something is broken with your organization you can bet it will surface on the social web first. Be thinking about issues you hear about socially, how you can get them acknowledged fast and get them fixed even faster.

3) You must be ready to respond – if you are going to listen to the social web you better be ready to respond. The issue here is much the same as email (the more email you send the more you get back) so if you start responding on the social web – it will likely lead to more opportunities to respond. Some firms are seeing volumes in the 10s of thousands each week! You will need to scale your response mechanisms before this happens. Integrating social media with the contact center is a great way to do that (click here to get a FREE copy of my next book Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies)

4) Respond like a person, not a company – try to resist the urge to automate the responses. Some companies are telling me their volume of social media mentions are getting to high and they are considering automating a response to a Twitter DM. I say – don’t do it! A good response is one that comes from an individual not a company. You can tell the difference instantly.

5) Never forget the customer can vote with their feet – and finally customers have choices not only of the channels they use but the company they keep. Be sure the experience you give your customers and prospects reflects the spirit of working with your company or you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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